HydraSmart offers turf and ornamental managers the most advanced foliar and soil nutrition. Our proprietary liquid fertilizers have multi-chelated micronutrients to enhance uptake and increase plant rigidity.

Plant Health & Plant Safety

No nitrates, no chlorides, no thiosulfates, no salts

Nitrogen Efficiency

Controls loss to volatilization, denitrification, and leaching


Supports aerobic soil microbiology

Stress Resistance

Plant defense activators enhance stress resistance

HydraSmart Solutions

Hydra-Base 18-0-6

Low Salt Index. No Phosphates. No Nitrates. No Chlorides. A building block for protein, Hydra-Base 18-0-6 is a phosphate free foliar fertilizer with 100% quick release urea. Potassium derived from... More Details

Hydra-Boost 3-10-15

The proprietary combination of phosphite (PO3) and phosphate (PO4) work together to enhance plant stress resistance while increasing plant energy and metabolism. Hydra-Boost is a catalyst for the p... More Details

Hydra-Cal 4-0-0

It’s not just calcium, it’s the threesome your turf needs. Hydra-Cal is a highly active 3-way blend of acetate, nitrate, and chelated forms of calcium. Hydra-Cal contains a unique bio-stimulant tec... More Details

Hydra-Fe 12-0-0

Give your plant more than just Iron. 6% Fe, 2% Mn, 0.25% Mg. Rapid color response from urea nitrogen and organic acid complexed micronutrients. Because of the scientifically formulated ratio of iro... More Details

Hydra-Fense 12% Si

Hydra-Fense 12% plant available silica forms deposits in the cuticle, which provides a physical resistance to stress. During the process, Hydra-Fense accelerates greater rooting and tougher, stress... More Details

Hydra-Fuse 18-0-6

A core fertility foliar NPK combined with phosphite and proprietary biostimulants derived from desert plant extracts. Designed to provide a consistent and lasting color response while enhancing str... More Details

Hydra-Gro 30-0-0

A scientifically formulated blend of quick release and slowly available nitrogen combined with proprietary forms of pigment for foliar uptake, improving general plant health and shoot growth. A ver... More Details

Hydra-Kace 0-0-29

Hydra-Kace is the highest foliar absorption potassium input on the market. Derived from potassium acetate (KA), Hydra-Kace ensures high tissue levels at low rates, reduced risk of foliar burn, and ... More Details

Hydra-Kelp 4-0-0

Hydra-Kelp is a supplemental nitrogen and micronutrient fertilizer designed to prevent and/or cure nutrient deficiencies in plants and crops. Hydra-Kelp is enhanced with 15% Ascophylum Nodosum extr... More Details


Hydra-Minors is the only comprehensive, multi-chelated micronutrient package containing plant available silica, SAR elicitors, and bio-stimulants. Hydra-Minors uses biostimulant technologies derive... More Details

Hydra-Mn Combo

4% Mn, 3% Fe, 1% Mg. with complexed organic acids. Hydra-Mn is specifically designed to provide the right nutrients to deliver elevated tissue color. The combination of Mn, Fe and Mg in the organic... More Details

Hydra-Phite 0-0-31

One of the purest liquids on the market, Hydra-Phite is a highly concentrated potassium phosphite reacted under strict temperature and quality control for enhanced compatibility and performance. De... More Details

Hydra-Phite Plus 0-0-28

A highly concentrated potassium phosphite, Hydra-Phite Plus contains proprietary biostimulant technology derived from desert plant extracts, which increases plant strength and growth. In addition, ... More Details

Mineral-Miner 21-0-0

Nothing else like it. Mineral-Miner is a stabilized, high-efficiency nitrogen formulated with complex carbohydrates and nutrient efficiency polymers, designed to stabilize nitrogen against volatili... More Details