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Using and Understanding Wetting Agents and Adjuvants

Matt Fleetwood is responsible for managing the turfgrass product portfolio of adjuvants, soil surfactants and other supplemental maintenance products to assess and provide the best solutions to our customers. Matt joined Precision in 2022, to handle our experimental product pipeline, research trials and new product launches, as well as working in tandem with various departments internally to bring our innovative solutions into the turf market. Fleetwood completed his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia, with emphasis areas in Crop Management and Breeding, Biotechnology, and Biology. In addition, he also completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Plant, Insect and Microbial with his dissertation focus being centralized around assessing and characterizing the performance of soil surfactants in turfgrass. Being a former youth athlete and current avid golfer, Fleetwood understands the need to provide the tools to create a great outdoor playing surface for all ages. His passion for innovation and results leads him to strive to provide the best solutions for our customers. In this webinar, Dr. Fleetwood will break down the various types of products available on the market and provide insight on proper use and selection of the right product to address the agronomic need of the application site.

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Mental Health Awareness & Work-Life Balance

Lisa Goatley, LPC. Lisa is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is in private practice in Blacksburg, VA. Lisa has a Bachelor's degree from VA Tech in Family and Child Development and a Master's degree from the University of Maryland in Marriage and Family Therapy. Lisa practices therapy with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, family conflict, life transitions, and grief.

Workforce Development and Recruiting Strategies

Workforce Development and Recruiting Strategies

Tyler Bloom presents resources and strategies for building a successful staff for 2023 and beyond.

Managing Soil Pathogens - Fairy Ring, Summer Patch, Take-All & Pythium RR

Managing Soil Pathogens – Fairy Ring, Summer Patch, Take-All & Pythium RR

Dr. Jim Kerns and Lee Butler will present management and control strategies to build a successful program for 2023

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Soils First Webinar presented by Joel Simmons and Jack Higgins

Soil First Consulting, a division of EarthWorks, was established to provide assistance to golf course superintendents, sports turf managers and lawn care professionals in balancing the complex relationships amongst the chemical, biological, and physical aspects of soil care.
We work very closely with Logan Labs and analyze over 12,000 soil tests annually. Logan Labs is owned and operated by Susan Shaner who has over twenty five years of experience managing soil testing facilities for the golf course, sports turf and agriculture industries. With results from Logan Labs, Soil First Consulting agronomists, led by Jeff Flamisch, can evaluate basic soil issues, solubility concerns using water soluble paste extracts and determine limiting factors created by irrigation water. Soil First creates a complete evaluation of any soil and generates complete sustainable recommendations that can help any soil manager create a better and more sustainable environment to grow any plant.

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Managing through the Challenges of the Industry with Pat Jones

Pat Jones has been a passionate advocate for superintendents and the golf industry for 30 years. He is the head of Flagstick LLC, where he helps companies and organizations in the industry communicate with customers and drive sales more effectively and efficiently. Pat will present about an industry overview, the pandemic and correlating big trends, networking 101, and the issues around H2B, Labor, Supply/Demand/Pricing facing our industry.

Building a Successful Career with Bill Maynard, CGCS & Darren Davis, CGCS thumbnail

Building a Successful Career with Bill Maynard, CGCS & Darren Davis, CGCS

Bill Maynard, CGCS: Commercial Sales Manager/ Branch Manager MTI Distributing | 81st President of GCSAA & EIFG. St Peters, Missouri, United States

Bill will share his thoughts and insights on the many great opportunities to build a successful career in the turf industry.

Darren Davis is a nationally recognized superintendent at Olde Florida Golf Club, celebrating his 30th year at the club! Darren served as the 82nd President of GCSAA to add to a long list of local and national board involvement.

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Native and Natural Area Management w/ Steve McDonald

Management Strategies for Natural Areas

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Weed Management Strategies with Shawn Askew

Management Strategies for Poa Annua in Turf

Weed Management Strategies with Shawn Askew Thumbnail

Weed Management Strategies with Shawn Askew

Dr. Askew has a three-way appointment in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences covering 25% research, 10% teaching and 65% extension. His programmatic accomplishments have fostered new weed management solutions that have been implemented across the U.S. and in parts of East Asia.


  • Weed management in ornamental turfgrass and industrial vegetation
  • Herbicide fate and herbicide physiology

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ECS HydraSmart Built for Hydroseeding

Joe Belmonte with Environmental Construction Solutions joins Mike Williams of HydraSmart to discuss the new "Acre in a Box Technology", an innovative fertility option for hydroseeders. This liquid fertility program replaces traditional ag based granular fertilizers; it gives efficacy to the plant where it needs it to help establish vegetation and is easier on hydroseeding machinery.

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Brood X - Billions of cicadas may be coming soon to trees near you

One of the largest groups of 17-year cicadas, Brood X, last emerged from underground in 2004. The next generation will begin arriving in April 2021.

Join W.S. Connelly Companies and Stanton Gill; University of Maryland's IPM and Entomologist to learn how one of the largest broods of 17-year cicadas will emerge from underground in a dozen states, from New York west to Illinois and south into northern Georgia.

These events raise many questions for entomologists and the public alike. What do cicadas do underground for 13 or 17 years? What do they eat? Why are their life cycles so long? Why are they synchronized? And is climate change affecting this wonder of the insect world?

2020 Year in Review with Steve McDonald

2020 Year in Review with Steve McDonald

Join Steve McDonald, Landscape Supply and Tenbarge Seed for this GCSAA certified webinar to listen and discuss 2020 - "A Year in Review." From Covid-19 to ABW to all the funky disease battles. This is a do not miss webinar.

New Chemistry

New Chemistry & Methodologies with Brandon Horvath, Ph.D

Join Brandon Horvath, Ph.D, Landscape Supply, Tenbarge Seed and Corbin Turf for this GCSAA certified webinar to listen and discuss "New Chemistry & Methodologies in Disease Control".

Poa Control

Poa Control - Challenges & New Techniques with Shawn Askew

Join Shawn Askew, Landscape Supply, Tenbarge Seed and Corbin Turf to learn new techniques when it comes to a top ten challenge for golf course superintendents.

Renovating America's Greatest with Andrew Green; Architect

Renovating America's Greatest with Andrew Green; Architect

Join Landscape Supply, Tenbarge Seed and Corbin Turf to learn from Andrew Green, President and Principal Architect at A.H. Green Design, about America's top golf course renovations.
Andrew was recognized by Golf Digest in November of 2018 as the #3 Renovation Expert currently working. Other awards include: The Stanley Abbot Award for Excellence in Landscape Architecture Thesis in 2001, Golf Digest Best New Affordable Course in the US in 2006 for King Carter Golf Club, and a top 5 renovation of Whitemarsh Valley CC in 2015.

ABW - Best Management Practicesl

ABW - Best Management Practices

Presented and hosted by: Matt S Giese M.S. from Syngenta. Join Tenbarge Seed for this quick 60 minute discussion on the challenging ABW pest. Learn about the ABW cycles through reproductive stages quickly, producing up to three or four generations in any given season