Carpetweed is a summer annual with smooth prostrate branching stems forming circular mats. The leaves are light green in color, lanceolate in shape, being widest in the middle of the leaf and narrow at the tip and base. The leaves form in whorls containing 3 - 8 leaves. The flowers are white, contain five petals, and form clusters of two to five flowers. The clusters of flowers are formed in leaf axils. Carpetweed spreads by seed

Carpetweed is a summer annual that germinates much later than other summer weeds, and may be missed by early treatments. Once it germinates, it grows very quickly. It does best on thin turf. It can usually be found in new spring plantings that have not matured prior to entering the summer. Due to its low prostrate growth habit, it can be missed during mowing. It prefers moist rich soils, but can establish on drier sandy soils.