Managing golf greens during the late spring and summer months can be nothing short of day-in and day-out intensity.

When heat is added to moisture, mowing, rolling, disease, and traffic, turf managers need a tool to help mitigate the damage caused any of these factors. One popular tank combination has been the incorporation of HydraBoost and HydraFense.

The university proven use of silica in the plant vascular system wards off disease and increases plant rigidness by strengthening cell walls. The HydraFense advantage is the percentage of silica in each gallon—12.5%—the highest on the market. Plus, it can be tank mixed with other products far easier than other silica products on the market.

When incorporating HydraBoost, the plant gets a potassium acetate which provides the highest level of foliar K uptake, so the plant doesn’t have to expel extra energy to utilize the K.

On top of that, with an industry leading phosphite and phosphate combined, the plant is receiving a soluble form of P which is the building block for plant health. Studies show the “non-nutrient” form of P in small frequent amounts of phosphite encourage root growth and density.

So here's to HydraSmart—for making our summer days a little easier and our grass a little greener.