Prescription Turf Services (PTS) offers golf course superintendents the opportunity to use custom fertilizer application. This means more accuracy so your golf course saves times and money. PTS spreads lime, fertilizer, soil amendments, and grass seed for many golf courses throughout the mid-Atlantic region. We provide turf managers with excellent service as well as uniquely prescribed recommendations born from decades of experience.

GPS Mapping
Prescription Turf Services uses a trusted agricultural mapping technology to provide golf course superintendents with the information they need. Every day, we are faced with increasing regulatory issues in our industry. Wouldn’t it be useful to have the total acreage of your golf property, total acreage of each specific hole, and printable maps for reference? Our GPS mapping provides all of that as well as topography maps and exact spreadable areas for 100% accuracy.

This insight can be used for spreading nutrients as well as pesticides. Ag Fleet software stores all information in appropriate databases that can easily be printed for review by the superintendent and/or any regulatory agencies. We stand by our GPS mapping. Combined with our custom fertility application and soil testing, it sets us apart from our competitors.

Soil Testing
We use first-class equipment, expertise, and experience to provide testing results you can trust. The heart of fertility is making decisions about soil composition based on the information that we receive through soil sampling. We use state-of-the-art GPS technology to implement soil test results into prescription fertilizer application. We are able to test water, tissue, and all micro and macro nutrients. In addition, we can provide printable maps of desired testing areas in conjunction with our GPS topography.